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priceXperts App is a new way to find your property’s estimated value for the European market. How it works is, one simply takes a picture of his/her property and then based on the GPS location it gives you an estimated value for the property. The users can change the land and surface area, as well the number of rooms, bathrooms and the year of construction, which then give you a new estimated value for the property.

Initially, the idea was just for the users to enter their address and it would give you your property value. Then after discussion with the team, we decided to have a more natural approach. Like in the real world, one would look at a place that he liked, find the address and then find its value based on various methods. So we thought of making, the users click a picture of a property and it would tell you its value, we took the GPS location in the background so the user feels as if its property value was given based on the image they clicked.

Map Flow | Prototype | Interaction | Visual design
UX-UI Designer

Company (LetsApp & IMMO Info. Tech.)
November 2017

The first step was outlining a research plan to be executed. This is essential to make sure the research exercise has clear goals and execution. I wanted to get a clear picture of how people take photos — if they were able to click properly, get the property or building in frame.

My initial set of goals were to:

  • Understanding the current state of the Switzerland real estate market
  • Run a competitive analysis with the best real estate and property information apps in the world
  • Understand the business strategy, the core goals and what the client was trying to accomplish
  • Understand the target audience and get a good grasp at who I was designing for their needs, behaviors, and frustrations for finding a value of a place, whether to sell, buy or just for their information

After running the base research and talking with the clients, I created a persona that summarized what the users would focus on.

Functionality Maps

I then moved to creating a functionality map. For logistical reasons I can’t possibly include all the maps I worked on and its iterations, but below is one example of what the app flow will usually look and feel like

functionality map

Once I was confident and had a solid foundation, I decided to move on and start visualizing how each screen and flow would look and feel like. As usual, I sketched out the wireframes, below are some of them


HomeXperts had very clear brand guidelines — they had a specific color palette, typeface, and iconography that should be used. The next step was to apply these guidelines to some of the interfaces outlined during the wireframes and check-in to make sure I was moving towards the right direction.


Once the clients were happy with the visuals in those first interfaces, I moved on to producing the remaining mockups and creating a prototype using Flinto.

Wrapping Up

Clients were happy with the final result, users were going smoothly through the prototypes and the product team and developers — were confident about moving on to the development phase.

Little did I know, I had to create various flavors for this app for the various banks in Switzerland with their branding. Currently, the app is live for the following banks:

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